Please, check your SPAM folder. If there are no letters from us there either, please, contact us at You might have entered your e-mail at check-out incorrectly.
You can simply enter the code you received in appropriate fields during check-out process. You can use only one promotional voucher per order.
Yes, indeed. Import charges might apply in your country, and Fancy Lighthouse will not be responsible for those. Please, contact your local Customs Office to find out about any additional charges that might apply.
Usually, it will reach you in 2 working days or within one-and-a-half or two weeks from the moment of purchase depending on the delivery option you chose at check-out. In case you want to receive your goods sooner, please, contact us at, we will see what we can do!
It is available right here
This is very unlikely because we take all necessary actions to pack all jewelry safely. But if you opened the box, and jewelry was damaged, please, contact us immediately at