We guarantee that all the amazing items sold at Fancy Lighthouse are created and manufactured by professional jewelry designers, goldsmiths, silversmiths and other artists. Some of the showcased items are one-of-a-kind. Majority of them are limited edition or small series. In other words – your purchase is either absolutely unique or highly exclusive!

Some items, such as chains or leather cords are not unique designer-created objects. They are essential to support the unique pendants that are sold at FancyLighthouse.com. The chains are all solid, made in Germany to last for decades. Leather cords are manufactured in different parts of the world, but we choose the best quality and forward it to you.

We guarantee that all jewels made using precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum and/or gems such as diamonds, sapphire, ruby, emerald – are all examined and marked with the Common Control Mark (CCM) of the Hallmarking Convention or with the state control marks of Lithuania, Latvia or Poland. Rest assured – you receive exactly what is stated in the description of the pieces. 

All your jewels are shipped from our headquarters in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Before we ship your purchase, we strictly control its quality – we check the structure of the item, quality of gem setting, as well as quality of clasps and closures. After the quality control check, we stick an ID-tag to the jewel to signify its quality. We take all necessary precautions to make sure you receive only high-quality pieces.

We guarantee that we will fully reimburse you if you change your mind and decide to return your purchase. More about returns and refunds – right here.

We promise we will provide all information we have about the amazing jewelry pieces offered at Fancy Lighthouse, and we will answer all of your questions to our knowledge. Our mission is to promote unique jewelry with a character and help you accessorize in style!