These terms and conditions (further – Terms) govern sale and delivery of Goods offered and sold at online store. These Terms also govern relationships between the Customer and the Seller that stem from the actions mentioned above. The Seller is MB „Ajeksa“ (business registry ID in Lithuania – 304925213). The Customer is a person performing purchase at online shop. We advise the Customer to read these Terms and Conditions and keep them for further reference.   

All communication between and this store‘s visitors and customers is performed through

1. General Terms

1.1 The Seller sells Goods at and presents them for delivery in a timely manner while the Customer pays for the purchased Goods and their delivery in full as well as accepts delivered Goods in a manner set forth in these Terms.
1.2 The Seller is liable for the quality of the Goods and their delivery or return to the primary Customer only. A Customer is held primary if (s)he purchases the Goods from the Seller directly at The Customer can prove it by presenting a valid invoice issued by the Seller. The Seller is not liable for any further actions, related to the resell, modification or change of parts of the purchased Goods.
1.3 The Customer can make purchases at as either a registered user or a guest user.
1.4 These Terms describe the manner, in which the Goods offered at the are sold, paid for and returned. These Terms become a legally binding document (a Purchase Agreement) to both parties, when the Customer, after having chosen the Goods, filled out all the necessary order information and having read and understood these Terms, presses „Pay now“.
1.5 The Seller can change these and other valid Terms at his own discretion at any time. The updated version of Terms is posted online, and the date when the new edition is valid from is indicated as well. In case the Customer pays for the Goods (s)he chose and saved in his(her) basket before the Terms were updated and did not cancel his(her) order, it is assumed (s)he knows about the update of the Terms and agrees with it. The placed order will be processed based on Terms valid on the moment of purchase until both parties perform their mutual liabilities.

2. Placement of Order

2.1 The Customer willing to purchase Goods at online store, needs to fill out online purchase form and provide all information which is necessary to fulfill his(her) order.
2.2. As the online order form is being filled out, the Customer is invited to read, print out and save these Terms for future reference. After having read the Terms and ticked the appropriate box(-es), the Customer is asked to check if all the necessary fields of the purchase form are filled out correctly. The Customer will see all the Goods (s)he is ordering and any additional charges that might apply (for example – delivery costs). After having pressed „Pay Now“, the Customer will be directed to a separate payment page to make the payment.
2.3 When the payment for the order is authorized, it is sent to the Seller for verification. Verification takes place on working days from 10.00 to 18.00 hrs (all days, except for Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays of the Republic of Lithuania). The aim of verification is to make sure that the ordered Goods are still available, that the purchase form contains all necessary information for delivery and that the Customer‘s payment was captured by the Seller‘s bank. After successful verification, the order is accepted. Verification might take a different amount of time depending on the season and the number of orders being processed at the moment. But it does not take longer than 14 calendar days.
2.4 The Customer receives a message in his(her) e-mail inbox informing about the status of his(her) order, its content, description of the purchased Goods, their amounts and prices, chosen delivery option and its price, chosen payment method, an opportunity to cancel the order within 24 hours, opportunity to return the Goods that the Customer does not like and the Customer‘s right to cancel the order within 14 calendar days. The e-mail address is provided by the Customer in the online purchase form.
2.5 In case the purchase form was not filled out properly or the Seller does not have the ordered Goods on stock, the Seller has a right to annul the order or its part. In such a case the Customer is informed with an e-mail within 14 calendar days and:
2.5.1 The Seller informs the Customer by e-mail that he can fulfill the order partially. The Customer replies to the Seller within 7 calendar days whether (s)he agrees to a partial order fulfillment. If the Customer agrees to a partial order fulfillment, the Seller implements the order as usual and refunds to the Customer that amount of the sum paid by the Customer that is related to the Goods that are not available currently.
2.5.2 If the Customer does not agree to the partial order fulfillment, the Seller annuls the order completely and refunds the complete paid amount to the Customer.
2.5.3 If none of the Goods ordered by the Customer are available, the Seller informs the Customer about that by e-mail, annuls the order and refunds to the Customer complete paid amount.
2.5.4 In case the delivery address is a P.O. Box or a country where to delivery is not performed by the chosen delivery agent, such orders will be annulled, the Customer will be informed by e-mail, and the complete paid amount refunded in full to the Customer.
2.6 In case the Customer wishes to cancel his(her) order, (s)he has a right to do so within 24 hours from the moment it was placed. The Customer will only need to send an e-mail message to with the subject line “Changed My Mind / [Order ID]“. The order will be annulled, and the complete paid amount refunded to the Customer in full. The term of money refunds depend on valid terms and procedures at the Seller‘s and Customer‘s banks.
2.7 In cases described in paragraphs 2.5.3., 2.5.4 and 2.6., the Purchase Agreement between the Seller and the Customer is deemed void from the moment the Seller refunds to the Customer his(her) complete paid amount. Starting from that moment, the parties are considered free from any mutual liabilities.

3. Goods

3.1 sells jewelry, accessories and small art objects created by jewelry designers, goldsmiths, silversmiths and other artists. Majority of them are unique one-of-a-kind pieces. A part of them is small designer series, made by hand. Jewelry accessories might include chains or jewelry spare parts made using automated labor. All goods are sourced directly from artists or producers.
3.2 All jewelry made of precious metals or/and with gems (such as diamonds, sapphire, ruby, emeralds) are inspected by eligible assay authorities and marked with either a Convention Hallmark or national marks of Lithuania, Latvia or Poland.
3.3 At the Seller provides description of the Goods – size, weight, names of the used metals and gems as well as their amount.
3.4 The Seller is not held responsible if the subjective looks of Goods received – such as feeling of the size, colors, the surface feel and look – is different from the expected due to the Customer‘s used browser or monitor‘s specifications (i.e. resolution, color palette, other technical specifications).
3.5 The Customer is informed that hand-made objects made in small series, will not be identical through the whole series or from one series to another. Visual difference might occur due to the uniqueness of individual natural gems or their forms, or to specific technological processes, or to hand work, or specific finishing techniques of the whole piece or its parts. Such differences are inherent to hand-made and small-series objects unlike mass-/industrial-made goods.
3.6 All Goods are sent to the Customer with an ID-tag attached. Upon receiving the Goods, the Customer examines them and evaluates if (s)he likes them, without detaching or damaging the ID-tag. In case the ID-tag is removed or damaged, it is assumed that the Customer likes the Goods and is not planning on returning it. In case of return of purchased Goods, the ID-tag must not be removed or damaged.
3.7 In case of return, the Customer is held responsible for any damage made to the Goods if any of such took place from the moment the Goods are delivered to the Customer. Any of the following is considered as damage – scratched surface of the Goods or gems; change of initial color or texture; change in the form of the item or its parts; damage of clasp or closure; any mechanical or chemical impact; gems‘ change of color or diminished quality due to heating or any other actions; fallen out gems or any other parts of the item; replacement of gems with gems of worse quality or different kind of such; in case of pearls or other strung Goods – greased thread. Returns and refunds are described in Part 8.

4. Payments

4.1 Goods purchased at and their delivery to the Customer can be paid for using the following credit cards and payment methods – Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, ApplePay and PayPal. Payment is charged to the Customer’s account only after the goods are shipped.
4.2 All prices are set in EUR, but can be displayed in the Customer’s local currency. Payments are accepted in all currencies, supported by Visa and Mastercard.
4.3 All prices are final, VAT-free.
4.4 In case the order is paid by credit or debit card, all the information needed to perform the payment (i.e. card‘s number or expiration date) will be sent via an encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to the Seller‘s bank processing online payments. This information will not be available to any third parties thereto. The Seller will use this information only as part of procedures, related to the Customer’s order or for issuing refunds in case of returns or for reporting cases of fraud to the authorities in question.
4.5 The Seller is not responsible for any additional charges applicable to the Customer in the country of delivery (i.e. import VAT, customs charges, customs storage, etc.).
4.6 All Goods saved in a Customer‘s basket but not yet paid for, still participate in sales. They are held unsold until the Customer pays for them. Such Goods are sold to the first Customer who pays for them. The Seller is not held obligated or responsible to the other Customers who did not get the Goods they chose, but did not pay for them.

5. Gift cards

5.1 The Customer can purchase a gift card instead of a specific product if such option is available. Such gift card can be used by the same Customer or another person as a payment for chosen goods and delivery in full or partially as set in paragraphs 5.4 and 5.5.
5.2 In case of payment for the Goods with a gift card, the Customer has to enter the card‘s unique number in a corresponding field. The final amount payable will be updated automatically.
5.3 A gift card is valid for 6 months from the moment of purchase.
5.4 In case the chosen Goods and delivery altogether cost less than the Customer‘s gift card‘s value, the difference in amounts is credited to the Customer and can be used with another purchase. If a gift card is associated with a Customer account, then the Customer can check the balance by using the link provided in the gift card email. For Customers without accounts, the Seller can check the balance and send the information to the Customer.
5.5 In case the chosen Goods and delivery altogether cost more than the Customer‘s gift card‘s value, the Customer covers the outstanding difference by another means of payments.
5.6 It is possible to use up to 2 valid gift cards when paying for purchase at
5.7 In case the Goods or a part of them were purchased using gift card(s) are later returned, the refundable amounts in question will be refunded accordingly in parts to the person who purchased the gift card and to the Customer who paid a part of sum using his(her) credit card or alike.
5.8 Gift card cannot be used to buy gift card.
5.9 Discount codes cannot be applied to gift card purchase.

6. Discount Codes

6.1 The Seller has a right to announce promotions to its chosen Customers by granting them discount codes.
6.2 When a Customer wants to use a discount code, (s)he needs to indicate the discount‘s password in the corresponding field during check-out process. Amount payable will change automatically.
6.3 It is possible to use only one discount code when paying for the order.
6.4 The discount password‘s expiry date (if applicable) is indicated in the promotional e-mail letter containing the discount code.
6.5 Discount codes are not exchanged to money.
6.6 Discount codes cannot be applied when paying for already discounted items.
6.7 In case of return, the same terms apply to the returnable Goods paid using discount code as to the Goods paid for in a usual way. Please see part 8 – Returns and Refunds.
6.8 In case of return and refund, validity of the used discount code is not renewed, and the amount paid is returned to the Customer in the same way as the order was paid in the first place.

7. Delivery

7.1 The Goods are delivered to the Customer‘s indicated address by one of delivery agents, chosen by the Seller. The current list of delivery agents includes the following companies:
7.1.1 UAB „Baltic Post“ –
7.1.2 AB „Lietuvos pastas“ –
7.1.3 UAB „Skubios siuntos“ –
7.1.4 UAB "MBE Klaipeda" - 
7.1.5 UAB "DPD Lietuva" - 
Terms of delivery depend on the geographic location of the Customer and valid terms of the chosen delivery agent.

7.2 As soon as the Goods leave the Seller‘s premises, the Customer receives a notification about Goods being shipped along with the tracking number.
7.3 The Goods are delivered to correctly and fully indicated physical addresses only. The Goods are not delivered to PO boxes or countries listed by the delivery agents as currently non-serviceable.
7.4 As soon as the Goods arrive, the Customer is encouraged to open the package and examine the Goods. In case of any discrepancies or missing items, the Customer is asked to contact the Seller immediately by sending a message to

8. Returns and Refunds

8.1 Within 14 calendar days from the day of delivery of the Goods to the Customer, the Customer has a right to return them without explanation following the procedure prescribed in part 8.2 – informing about that the Seller in writing and properly handling the Goods, i.e. making sure that the Goods are not worn, scratched, and their condition is not worsened as listed in article 3.7.
8.2 To return any Goods purchased at, the Customer must follow the steps set forth below:
8.2.1 The Customer correctly fills out Return Form available online within 14 calendar days from the day of delivery of the Goods and sends it to the Seller by pressing "Submit";
8.2.2 Returned Goods must be returned with an unremoved and undamaged ID-tag;
8.2.3 Returned Goods must be returned with all original components and packed in original packaging;
8.2.4 Returned Goods must be unworn, unused, unscratched, not bent and not damaged in any other way as listed in article 3.7;
8.2.5 Returned Goods must be sent to the Seller within 14 calendar days from the day when the Return Form was sent to the Seller.
8.3 If the Customer wants to return one or all ordered Goods, (s)he must correctly fill out Return Form as indicated in part 8.2 and follow instructions set in articles 8.2.1, 8.2.2, 8.2.3, 8.2.4 and 8.2.5.
8.5 Returned Goods must be packed safely and return label must be attached to the package.
8.6 Upon the Customer's choice, return label is provided to the Customer by the Seller at a flat fee of € 10 after the receipt of properly filled out Return Form. The Customer will have to call the delivery agent to hand over the package for return.
8.7 The Customer can also choose returning the Goods on his own, without the return label provided by the Seller. In that case, it is the responsibility of the Customer to choose a reliable, traceable and insured means of shipping the Goods back to the Seller.
8.8 When the Seller receives returned Goods, he examines them (workdays from 10:00 to 18:00 hrs) in 5 working days and, if the ID-tag is not removed or damaged, all components are in place and the Goods‘ looks did not change to worse as listed in article 3.7, informs the Customer that the returned Goods are accepted and complete amount paid for the returned Goods will be returned shortly.
8.9 In case the Customer returns one item out of a few ordered at the same time, the Seller will not refund delivery expenses. If the complete order is returned, the Seller will refund delivery expenses as well minus the € 10 flat fee for the return label in case the Customer preferred it when filling out the Return Form.
8.10 If the Customer prefers not to use the return label provided by the Seller and chooses to ship with an independently selected delivery agent, the Seller is not held responsible for the refund of return delivery expenses incurred by the Customer or for refund of amount paid for the returned Goods in case they are lost during shipping, undelivered to the Seller or delivered in a worsened condition as listed in article 3.7 which took place during delivery by the agent chosen by the Customer. 
8.11 Non-EU Customers realize that in case of return, the Seller is not liable for refund of import taxes and related payments incurred by the Customer upon importing the Goods to his(her) home country.
8.12 The money is refunded to the Customer in the same way in which the Customer sent it to the Seller. The Seller is obliged to request the bank for a money refund to the Customer within 14 calendar days from the day when the returned Goods are received by the Seller. The speed of money refund depends on PayPal or on the bank’s that services the Customer’s card, terms and procedures.
8.13 In case of return, the Customer is liable for any worsening of the Goods if such took place while the Customer disposed of the Goods. Thus the Seller has a right not to return the amount paid for the Goods, if the returned Goods do not comply with the conditions set forth in articles 8.2.1, 8.2.2, 8.2.3, 8.2.4 and 8.2.5.
8.14 In case the Goods do not comply with conditions set forth in articles 8.2.1, 8.2.2, 8.2.3, 8.2.4 and 8.2.5, and thus the Seller refuses to refund the amount paid for them, the Customer can choose to pay for the Goods‘ delivery back to him(her).
8.15 If the Customer chooses to pay for the delivery of unaccepted for return Goods, the Customer pays for delivery and receives aforementioned Goods. The Seller is held having fulfilled his obligations as they relate to the Customer from the moment when the unaccepted for return Goods are handed over to the Customer by the delivery agent.
8.16 In case the Customer does not wish to ship over unaccepted for return Goods or does not reply to the Seller‘s suggestion to ship over unaccepted for return Goods at the Customer‘s expense within 14 calendar days, the aforementioned Goods are utilized, the amount paid is not returned to the Customer, and the Seller is held having fulfilled his obligations as they relate to the Customer.
8.17 In case the Customer received the Goods in already worsened condition or incomplete, (s)he must inform the Seller about that immediately as it is set forth in article 7.4.

9. Privacy Policy and Security of Personal Data

9.1 Data, or information, requested from the Customer at different stages of shopping at can be divided into required information (marked as „*“) and optional.
9.2 Required information (i.e. the Customer‘s name and surname, delivery address, etc.) is necessary for the Purchase Agreement to come into force, for proper following of its terms and for proper arrangement of the Seller‘s financial documents. The Seller is entitled to use required information provided by the Customer solely for implementation and proper arrangement of orders placed by the Customer at Such information is stored by the Seller for ten years as prescribed by the Lithuania’s Chief Registrar’s Decree on Approval of the Index for Storage Terms of General Documentation (March 9, 2011, Nr. V-100, Žin. 2011, Nr. 32-1534, i.k. 111508AISAK000V-100 ).
9.3 Provision of optional data does not impact implementation of the Purchase Agreement. Such data is collected for the sake of direct marketing or is used to improve browsing experience at This information is used in compliance with article 14 of the Lithuanian Law on Personal Data’s Judicial Protection. Such data is stored for five years and is deleted after that by the Seller. 
9.4 During registration or filling out of an order at, the Customer marks his(her) consent or refusal to provide and let the Seller use specific information.
9.5 The Customer has a right to refuse receiving direct marketing information and newsletters at any time by informing the Seller about that by e-mail or by pressing refusal link indicated in any of the newsletters or in the Customer‘s personal account area at
9.6 The Customer has a right, after having properly identified (him)herself, demand to inform (her)him about the kind of personal data related to him(her) that was gathered by the Seller, explain purpose for processing of this data, and inform to which third parties it was or is available for the recent one year. Also, the Customer has a right to edit or renew his(her) personal data or demand to stop his(her) data processing, but not storage, if this data is indicated in financial documents that are required to be stored for ten years from the moment of issue of corresponding financial reports. 
9.7 In cases, when the Customer purchases Goods and indicates a third person‘s personal data for delivery of the Goods (i.e. – a gift for a friend), the Seller processes such data as usual. It is emphasized that it is only the Customer’s responsibility to obtain the third person’s consent to his(her) personal data processing and storage by the Seller. The same applies when the Customer signs up the third person’s e-mail for the Seller’s newsletters – the Seller is not kept liable for obtaining consent from the third person to process and store his(her) personal data - it is the Customer who provided such data is responsible.
9.8 Apart from the Seller, some required information, necessary for the implementation of the Purchase Agreement, is provided to third parties, responsible for delivery of the Goods. Their valid list is provided in articles 7.1.1, 7.1.2 and 7.1.3. of these Terms. A part of personal data, related to payments for the Goods, is processed directly by PayPal or Clearhaus A/S. The Seller does not process or store this data. A company, responsible for the technical support of („Interneto vizija“, UAB) has access to the IP addresses of the visitors – the Seller does not process this data.
9.9 Due to the fact, that is powered by, personal data will be transferred outside of Europe, including to Canada and the United States according to the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.
9.10 The list of data collectors and processors can change, and the Customer, after having properly identified himself, has a right to demand provide him with the valid list of data collectors and processors. Such list, valid at the moment, can be sent to the Customer on his(her) request sent to with the subject line „Privacy“.
9.11 The Seller undertakes all necessary actions in order not to disclose more information about the Customer to third parties than it is necessary to implement the order, except for cases when the Seller has to abide to demands of judicial bodies.
9.12 When processing and storing data, the Seller observes the applicable laws valid in the Republic of Lithuania, seeking utmost protection of the Customer’s data. However, the Customer is not exempted from actions that secure his(her) personal data provided to (i.e. not disclosing personal password to a third person, effective anti-virus, firewall and similar protection of personal browsing device).

10. Cookies

10.1 Cookies are small files that are sent over Internet through and are saved on the Customer‘s or visitor‘s device. Such files ensure smooth work, collect statistical information, necessary for improvement of the Customer‘s or visitor‘s online experience, and save the Customer‘s or visitor‘s settings that simplify their visit at
10.2 The Customer or any visitor agrees to this valid cookies policy by pressing „Accept Cookies“ on informational banner that pops-up when is visited for the first time to inform the visitor about the use of cookies at If the visitor does not press „Accept Cookies“, but continues to browse , it is considered as a consent to the valid cookies policy at
10.3 A few types of cookies might be used at
10.3.1 Navigational cookies – technical cookies that allow function properly and remember Customer‘s personal settings such as language or country of delivery;
10.3.2 Functional cookies – these cookies come into force when the Customer clearly agrees to that; such cookies memorize information provided by the Customer that would not need to be entered anew – delivery information, liked/saved products. Such cookies do not impact functioning of the online store, but they improve the Customer‘s of visitor‘s buying experience;
10.3.3 Reporting and Analytics cookies – these cookies are used to collect anonymous data about Customers and visitors‘ browsing preferences. This information is collected and analyzed anonymously for statistic/analytic purposes.
10.3.4 Social and content cookies – use of these cookies allow Customers or visitors to browse using their personal account at any social network and also use integrated plug-in modules that improve browsing experience. In such cases, cookie and privacy policies of the applicable social network or plug-in come into force. is not responsible for those.
10.4 The Customer or visitor has a right to turn off cookies by changing his(her) browser settings, depending on its type. It is possible to find out more online at

11. Final Provisions

11.1 The Seller has a right to change and edit these terms at any time, aiming to comply with valid legislation and business environment requirements. New updated terms‘ version comes into force once it is published at
11.2 The Seller is discharged from his contractual liabilities if it is impossible to implement them due to conditions that are not possible to control or foresee at the moment of the Purchase Agreement coming into force. i.e. due to force majeure conditions as they are described in article Nr. 6.212 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.
11.3 Legislation in power is that of the Republic of Lithuania based on the address of registration of the Seller.
11.4 All disputes between the Seller and Customer are resolved through mutual mediation or online mediation ( ).